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HomeWORK! **Soldier** (Level 1 of 7)

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*Home Program* Program Goal: Calorie burn/weight loss Exercise Information: * 4 week program / 5 workout days - 2 Full body workout days , 1 cardio day, 2 HIIT routine days, 2 rest days - Repetitions range from 12 - 16 for full body workouts Equipment Requirements: - Fitness Bands - Dumbbells - Aerobic Step Platform - Body weight *Cardio routinely performed in this program. The cardio is of your choosing/preference (jogging, bike riding, elliptical, treadmill, stairmaster, etc) *Noom 30-Day Free Trial* Noom is an app-based weight loss program that you can access at any and all times, providing 24/7 guidance to keep you motivated as you develop healthier habits.



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**Level 1** Soldiers

**Level 1** Soldiers

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